Masterchef - is the final next week?

unicstudent, Apr 21, 1:08am
Hi, I have been watching this series and see that tonight is the semi final, logic suggests that next week will be the final, can anyone confirm? ? We are going to be away next week and I want to determine if it is the final I will be missing (My Sky-ing! ! ) Thanks.

veejay13, Apr 21, 1:59am
Yes, next week is the final - a two-hour special so no Rafters that night! ! !

unicstudent, Apr 21, 2:07am
Oh no, dash it - thanks for confirming. Will have to double treble check My Sky is all set. :)

odie6, Apr 23, 8:08am
whose going to win... . .

cookessentials, Apr 23, 8:11am
The girl... cant think of her name

anne1955, Apr 23, 8:17am
Yes sorry to say I too think the lass will win. Not that she hasn't got tallent I just think when they brought the others back that sucked. . but in saying that I think that sacking a team when it was more one than the the team sucked as well... think it should be on each one as a cook... . but then thats just me! 1 I was looking at going on it... but the information on the application site was very much lacking so I didn't...

fifie, Apr 23, 8:18am
Tough one I like the girl Kelly, but judges bought her back after booting her off so somehow can't see them letting her win wouldn't be a good look for them, I hope she does. .

unknowndisorder, Apr 23, 8:21am
I reckon Kelly or Brett will win. Depends on who makes the best thingywassit on the day.
Actually, thinking about that, Kelly will win as I'm sure she's better at the sweet stuff than Brett (useless at names, so blur everything together, but it fills an hour a week and I find it watchable).
I started thinking Sue would be in the finals as she totally tormented me. Ah well, better change the recorder as Lie to Me's not on (due to the stupid comedy fest, which I always find dull).

eastie3, Apr 28, 6:04am
Call me cynical, but as Kelly is working at one of Simon's restaurants she could very well be the winner...

styxchix, Apr 28, 6:24am
Well Rachel Glucina spilt the beans in the Herald on Sunday View supplement on Sunday... ... . . GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-
RRRRRRRRR. Bet she thought she was being really clever too.

missninagirl, Apr 28, 10:08am
Kelly only just got offered a job by Simon at his restaurant atthe end of the comp tonightto start on Monday

oh and brett won

coniproducts, Mar 14, 9:10pm
missninagirl... . . the show was actually recorded months ago and the results kept top secret. Kelly has been working for Simons for months. I know it seemed like it was live but it wasn't.