basic and easy lasagne recipe please

curly1967, Apr 20, 11:18pm
does anyone know a easy and basic lasagne recipe please as i have necer made one before. . thank you

margyr, Apr 20, 11:46pm
hi, i brown mince, onion and garlic with a tsp of sugar and salt and pepper, then I add paprika, 1 sachet of tomato cup-a-soup, and some tomato sauce, a tin of crushed tomato, my mince mixture is quite sloppy, I make a cheese sauce, and then put a layer of the mince mixture, layer of lasagne (uncooked) sometimes on this layer i will also put silverbeet leaves, cheese sauce and another layer of pasta, then another layer of mince etc. The top has cheese sauce and grated cheese, then bake in oven about 150 for around 60 mins. Let it stand for about 20 mins before serving.

margyr, Apr 20, 11:47pm
Also just on the left of this page is a box headed Message board, then it says recipes, in the next box down which is headed keyword or member type lasagne, in the next box that says date posted click on the arrow and click on anytime, then click on search, there are loads of other lasagne recipes there.

curly1967, Apr 21, 3:03am
thank you so much for that. .

crystalmoon, Apr 22, 12:22am
also add some of the cheese sauce to the mince before layering, yummooooo.

mike-jodie, Apr 22, 3:30am
This is mine(trying to be healthy)

Fry mince & onion in a pan with 1 or 2 tins of chopped and flavoured tomatoes to make a meat sauce.
Layer with the following things starting with the meat at the bottom and finishing with the meat at the top.
Meat sauce
Grated Carrot
Grated Courgette
Chopped mushrooms
Thinly sliced Eggplant(sometimes)
Cottage Cheese

And i dont use a cheese sauce, i use a 500gram tub of light cottage cheese instead, i do add a light sprinkling of grated cheese to the top of the final meat sauce layer tho, just so it looks nice and golden.

lindi4, Apr 22, 4:59am
So it's o. k. to put the lasagne in without boiling it first, , guess it takes longer to cook. . that's all and needs more liquid ingredients too? ? ?

margyr, Apr 22, 5:08am
yeah that is why i make my mince mixture quite sloppy the pasta while cooking absorbs the extra liquid. as well as the tin of tomato add about another tin full of water.

karenz, Apr 22, 5:33am
Cook onions and garlic, in oil (olive is best), remove or push to one side and brown mince very well (this is to stop the onions from "catching" and burning), when the mince is done put them back in and add a tin of tomatoes, herbs (I use oregano and garlic), salt and pepper, and a splash of wine (if you have it). Cook until reduced and thicken with tomato paste (if you have it).
Layer with lasagna sheets:
One small amount of meat sauce
One lasagna sheet
One small pottle or half a large pottle cottage cheese
half of rest of meat sauce
one lasagna sheet
rest of cottage cheese
one lasagna sheet
rest of meat sauce
grate cheese over the top - any kind but Edam is good
sprinkle with parmesan cheese (if you have it)
bake until cheese is slightly browned
I also sprinkle some lightly cooked spinach or silverbeet over the cottage cheese layer.

karenz, Feb 21, 6:19pm
That should be layers of lasagna sheets to fit the dish not siingle sheet! ! ! !