Kids Afternoon birthday party ideas please

m41, Nov 4, 12:28am
combined with house warming so lamb spit later parties at 3pm so what would be good to make other than the cake please !

sarahb5, Nov 4, 12:34am
Just snacks/nibbles - chips and dip, cheese straws, fruit kebabs, jelly, ice blocks, etc.Depends on ages of course but I don't worry too much about the sugar issue at parties because they're running around so much they burn it all off anyway

m41, Nov 4, 12:36am
A 5th

m41, Nov 4, 12:36am
A 5th birthday :)

smiggles15, Nov 4, 12:40am
Popcorn, animal biscuits, fruit n marshmallow kababs, cherios, pretzels, cupcakes, choc crackles, potato chips, twisties/rashons/burger rings, mini meatballs n dipping sauce, mini pizzas, jelly.

If its a nice day have ice blocks after.

Lol, of course this is all dependant on the age of the children.

spongeypud, Nov 4, 2:48am
I made the South Island cheese rolls for a 7th birthday yesterday, they went down really well with the adults and the kids.

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