Uli - Advice on Preserving Sour/Morello Cherries

buzzy110, Oct 27, 3:58am
Can you please give me some idea what I can do with morello cherries. What is the traditional way of preserving them for later use! I have a recipe for a syrup but I'd like to be able to use the fruit as well if I could. If the ideas have names that would be great because then I can google the name to get the recipe.

vmax2, Oct 27, 4:17am
Are you wanting fermented cherries buzzy!Nourishing Traditions has a nice fermented fruit chutney recipe or berry preserves.Maybe you could play around with those recipes.But no doubt uli has some better advice and a specific recipe.

buzzy110, Oct 27, 4:30am
***Runs off to look at Nourishing Traditions***

Also need bog standard recipes that others "less nutritionally advanced", will be pleased to get as gifts. Also I will be working in a very small space with limited equipment so need the recipes to be simple.

I've found a nice Cherries (morello and other) in Brandy recipe but any suggestions greatly appreciated.

buzzy110, Oct 27, 4:34am
The Cherry Chutney recipe looks great and right up my alley as well. I'll try that. I'm just a bit worried that it doesn't say whether sour cherries are suitable for this recipe.

vmax2, Oct 27, 4:44am
That recipe looks perfect.Didn't see that one.I think it will be a nice sweet and sour flavour with rapadura and orange juice in there.So easy too.

buzzy110, Oct 27, 4:46am
I've just copied it out to put into a 'folder' and it looks better than perfect. It looks exactly like the sort of thing I love doing. I can't wait and thanks for the prod.

uli, Oct 27, 6:16am
Nothing to add really - except that traditionally cherries would have been "bottled" - meaning cooked in the jar with a bit of sugar added. I guess that is what you get when you buy them in the supermarket.

buzzy110, Oct 27, 6:22am
Thanks Uli.

uli, Oct 27, 6:24am
Always makes me worry if I see "ULI" in lights up there LOL :)