Dark carrott cake recipe wanted please

dallyfeline, Oct 27, 12:13am
Can anyone supply me with a recipe that the cake comes out really dark and moist mine are always light in colour thanks

kinna54, Oct 27, 12:45am
I don't have a recipe as mine is a light one, (both in colour and texture) but the addition of molasses to the recipe is what makes it dark.
You would have to alter the sugar content, if you wanted to adjust an existing recipe

davidt4, Oct 27, 12:55am
If you use baking soda and acid as the rising agent the colour will be darker than if you use baking powder.

purplegoanna, Oct 27, 2:05am
Carrot Cake
2c flour (1 plain & 1 wholemeal), 2c sugar (1 white & 1 raw), 2 tsp cinnamon, 2tsp b/soda, 4 beaten eggs, 1c oil, 3c grated carrots. Mix dry ingredients add oil then eggs & carrots, Bake at 170-180’ for approx an hour or until cooked

fronta1, Oct 27, 4:31am
I got this recipe off here and it is fairly dark, not light.
Made it recently for a special birthday and it was amazing.
(CAFE now called The Mooring)
2 Cups of wholemeal Flour
2 Cups of sugar
2 tspn of Mixed spice
2 tspn Cinnamon
2 tspn of Baking Soda
2 Cups of sugar
1 Cup of Walnuts
1/2 Cup of Pumpkin seeds
1 Cup of Sultanas
1 Cup of chopped up dried Apricots.
750gm Grated Carrots
1 1/2 Cups oil
4 eggs
2 tspn Vanilla
Mix all the ingredients together except the ones above, (carrots, oil, eggs, vanilla)
add grated carrots, mix well
whisk up 1 1/2 Cups oils with the 4 eggs, add the vanilla, then Fold Carefully into the dry ingredients
DO NOT OVER MIX Bake at 170oc for up to 2 hours keep an eye on it, Dont forget to line the tin, makes 1 large cake

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