Weight watchers mayo

fetish, Oct 23, 8:36pm
Ive been trying to find this anywhere, with no luck at all, I used to be able to buy it at my local countdown or new world stores, but it's like it's vanished all of a sudden, does anyone know where it can be bought in Auckland !TIA for any ideas, much appreciated.

Oh and I've tried other mayos, but they are just creamy and lack the tang the WW mayo has :(

daisyhill, Oct 23, 8:47pm
If you can't try it, try salad cream instead - it has a lovely tang unlike mayo.

tam39, Oct 23, 10:22pm
fetish, the same thing happened down here in dunedin as well. We love ww mayo and we havnt been able to find it for ages now.

toadfish, Oct 24, 5:20am
In my local stores they have grouped the WW product together, so I wouldn't find it with the Mayp any more.Have you found where all the other WW product is!

fetish, Oct 24, 6:55am
Thanks for the suggestions,and yes I have looked everywhere for it in the stores, even online it's just not showing as available :(I have a horrible feeing they might of stopped selling it in NZ,I may email them and find out, be one way to know for sure.BTW tam39 have you found a good substitute ! Ive tried 3 diff mayos so far and none of them have the same nice tang .

sarahb5, Oct 24, 7:20am
It's not listed online with Countdown but you could always "sharpen" up some other brand by adding some natural unsweetened yoghurt, lemon juice or vinegar.I like the ETA fat free one better than the Real Foods light mayo (or whatever it's called) because it's more tangy - the Real Foods one is too creamy.

ruby19, Oct 24, 6:41pm
Not exactly a weight watchers "recipe" but when making a dressing for coleslaw we addwhite vinegar, sugar, and a little dry mustard powder, to best foods mayo to give it a zing.

icequeen2, Oct 25, 5:10am
It was deleted from countdown stores quite a long time ago, wasnt a good seller!