bekybiscuit, Apr 20, 1:00am
Hi guys.

I've just got a microwave after the male in the hosue kept nagging at me for one. Must admit they are handy but had never needed one before he came along *grin*

Anyway, what do you use as a cover for food that you put in there to stop it spitting all over the inside? What is safe?

bubbles61, Apr 20, 1:48am
I just use paper towels... . . :-)

timturtle, Apr 20, 1:55am
you can but plate covers, that are sort of vented. I never use glad wrap

bekybiscuit, Apr 20, 9:40pm
Thanks guys.

I thought Happy Wrap may have melted, Tin Foil wouldn't be suitable in there and thought maybe paper towels would catch fire ... obviously they don't though haha.

Timturtle, can you (or someone else) tell me more about these vented plates?

red2, Apr 20, 10:02pm
they are a plastic dome that has a steam hole in the centre . Should eb able to get them from a kitchen shop

245sam, Apr 20, 10:19pm
bekybiscuit, to see the type of plate cover as referred to by timturtle and described by red2, have a look at:-

http://www.thefind.com/query. php? query=microwave+cookware+co

and, if you have a Countdown supermarket nearby, have a look there - I'm sure I've seen the plate covers there too. :-))

timturtle, Feb 19, 8:18am
Sorry didn't know you had asked a question re the covers. They can be bought from Payless plastic, K-Mart, Countdown. Ware houseetc.

If you can take one of your plates with you and check the fitting of it, as they do vary in size

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