Beginners guide to cooking a rack of lamb please.

mzm, Oct 14, 7:50am
TIA :-)

mzm, Oct 14, 7:20pm
Any guidance would be appreciated!, Oct 14, 7:32pm
I like rack of hogget (only because it's cheaper) and this is how we do it.
Spread over flavouring marinade of your choice. I tend to use bashed rosemary, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil and leave for a few hours.
Then I get cast iron frying pan and sear both sides on very hot for about 2-3 mins each. Put into very hot oven 200-220oC in same pan and cook for 15 mins or so. Rest for 10 mins covered with foil and then cut into individual chops. This normally results in medium rare how we like it.
I am sure more experienced cooks will give you some other recipes, but we've had great success with it cooked this way.

lythande1, Oct 14, 7:48pm
Works without the searing too. I like to add a herbed crust, searing helps stick in in this case.

cookessentials, Oct 14, 8:27pm
I do a rack of lamb in the oven. i do not flavour at all apart from a little oil, rubbed well into the skin, then rubbed with salt ( this will give you a nice crispy skin) Preheat oven to about 220C. Rack into oven proof dish ( skin uppermost) cook until skin starts to colour and crisp, then reduce tempto about 170C, pop lid on and cook for about 15 mins, then check. you want the meat slightly pink with juices running clear. Cook until it is at it's desired look. Remove from oven and rest on a warmed plate,loosely covered in tin foil for a few minutes. Makes for beautifully tender lamb rack every time.

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