Potluck tea ideas please, 3 adults 6 kids

bisloy, Oct 15, 7:53am
Potato bake, mac cheese, cream puffs, chicken nibbles, garlic bread . . . that's all I can think of in 10 seconds.

neville26, Oct 15, 9:04am
meat balls, meat loaf, a salad, ambrosia, make a jelly and bring the ice cream, pizza, curry, platter cold meat, vege bake, pkt nuggets, savouries,

lilyfield, Oct 15, 10:50am
So raw veggies for health

ruby19, Oct 15, 6:06pm
Curry and rice, chilli, roasted chick, home made coleslaw and bread rolls,
Lasagne with garlic bread, a Moroccan casserole and couscous. Frittata quiche.
Oh just realised it may be that you are going to put on a buffet style dinner/tea.
Any of the above but add a salad and with some of the dishes and perhaps some oven roasted cubed potatoes, even flavoured with some garlic and

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