Roughly how much fondant icing.

julz29, Sep 15, 5:36am
Have a look on the satin ice website

auntlb, Sep 15, 6:23am
It would depend on the size of cakes you are going to ice butI would probably use 1 and a half packets of the Bakels coloured fondant to do a cake similar to the photo (with 2 tiers)

sclaredy_cat, Sep 15, 10:49pm
I would go with at least 2 packets (1.5 kg total) because trust me, it's much better to have too much than not enough. I have had to send hubby to the supermarket for emergency fondant supplies more than once! You want plenty to roll out, especially if you've never used it before, and lots of room for overhang otherwise you will be tempted to roll it too thin and it might tear. Any excess can be used for other decorations or wrapped and frozen for another cake, it pretty much lasts forever.

For letter cutters you could try the playdoh/cookie-type cutters for starters. I have a set I am still using 10 years later but they might be a little big for what you're doing! Depends what size you want, and how 'into' cake decorating you expect to get. They can be quite expensive, especially the branded ones like Wilton. Listing #: 512517923 is a pretty good price but they can be quite tricky to use. You might be better off with something like #: 513269731.

Hope this helps :)