allovus, Sep 19, 8:13am
I have been asked to make some marmalade for someone and she wants me to use half the sugar. I am concerned that this might not set, or will it be ok!

rai5, Sep 19, 9:33am
Give it a go. But maybe use a setting agent or some lemons that will help the setting.

allovus, Sep 19, 9:59am
I did it, used 4 grapefruit and 2 lemons and soaked all day. Had to boil it longer but it has turned out very nice., Sep 20, 4:27am
The marmalade will set once the sugar concentration is right, given enough pectin in the fruit.So if you use half the sugar, the final sugar concentration will be pretty much the same as if you had used the usual amount, but the fruit flavour will be more concentrated.This is why it takes longer - you are boiling off more water to get the sugar to the concentration at which it will set the pectin.

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