Venison tenderloin

anglia, Apr 18, 4:14am
does anyone have a tried recipe for this? don't trust some of those googled recipes and don't want to stuff it up. TIA.

beaker59, Apr 18, 4:33am
Not sure what a tenderloin is but assume its what I call backsteak. If its from a small deer like a fallow or Sika I fry it whole as a tube. I use a very hot pan and cook til medium rare then rest for 10 min before slicing into medallions to serve. Trick with Venison is to cook fast and rare as its so low in fat it can get tough and dry otherwise.

porsche9, May 2, 1:16am
Hi the rule for venison is:- cook in butter, dip in flour first, sear one side in hot butter but don't turn over until you see blood colour coming on the top, then flip it over and do the other side. Don't cut the steaks too large and cook only one side then other side not flipping over all the time. Good luck enjoy.

sherralynne, May 2, 1:28am
I know this is off topic, but we had Venison Shanks cooked in the slow cooker last night, we got the recipe off the TM Cooks website. Really tasty dish and well worth trying.

jag5, Mar 24, 4:15pm
Do Not overcook, must be pink in the middle, and, like all meat, once cooked, let it rest for a few minutes- otherwise it will be tough.