New oven problem

nextstop, Sep 2, 7:43pm
Hi there, i have just bought a new freestanding delonghi oven, when i use the oven it has condensation pooling on the drawer below the door and onto the floor. has anyone else had a problem like this or know of any way to fix it!

dezzie, Sep 2, 7:50pm
hmm are you sure you removed all the plastic coating, it sounds like theres a vent blocked somewhere.

nextstop, Sep 2, 7:56pm
no, all plastic coating removed.

geldof, Sep 2, 8:35pm
My wall oven does this.Pain in the neck, but I don't know what causes it, sorry.

wheelz, Sep 2, 9:53pm
Why not email delonghi!

nextstop, Sep 3, 1:10am
have emailed them last week, heard nothing back from them.

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