5 year olds birthday party

aleestar, Sep 2, 12:04am
Food ideas wanted please. Easy prefered please. Cake is already organised. Thanks

porsh_a, Sep 2, 1:28am
Sausage Rolls/savouries, pizza fingers, fruit kebabs (can include marshmallow on these) or fruit platter, vege sticks and dip, cheerios,mini club sandwiches and/or fairy bread, chips

jimmy2102, Sep 2, 2:55am
Do them fish bites and shoe string fries

katy20, Sep 2, 3:08am
icecream maybe the yoghurt variety a bit less unhealthy! and jelly.
Little bunches of cornflakes that had been dipped in chocolatewere a favourite of mine when I was small.

ent1, Sep 2, 11:06am
Did some Cheese Twists - super easy! did not bother about a egg wash over the top of them or the salt as family member cant have egg. A very simple recipe 1 cup flour 75gram butter rubbed (I put it into the whiz as with RSI in the wrists I could not afford to do it by hand) add water (very cold water) abut 3Tablespoons until it forms a dough (sticks together) roll out sprinkle with cheese fold in half and cut up lay on pre greased try with a twist in them bake at 180 c for 15minutes. I did put some Chopped Chives in as well but could hardly taste that! Went down well at a 5yr old party I went today as the toddlers could have it as well. I added a little tub of Cream Cheese which I blended down with some blue topped milk until it formed a nice paste but yoghurt (greek) drained for an hour or two would just be as nice.

ent1, Sep 2, 11:07am
Truffles, chopped up fruit, nuts for the adults, some breads with cheeses/spreads.

shop-a-holic, Sep 2, 11:16am
Stuffed in newspaper cones!

duckmoon, Sep 2, 7:39pm
For me, easy means less is more.

Popcorn,fairy bread and cherrios. Together with the cake, the kids are happy.

If you want more,jelly in a cup, perhaps with a scoop of ice cream

scout_6001, Sep 2, 8:45pm
A few green grapes on a skewer, larger for head going down in size.Icing for eyes.They look like caterpillars.

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