Pork Chops in yoghurt and breadcrumbs - how long?

mazzy1, Aug 26, 5:29am
I found an old recipe on here for the above, then baked, but I'm not sure if that is covered, how hot or for how long. Anybody!

buzzy110, Aug 26, 5:38am
Do tell us what you do know about the recipe. It is a bit hard to guess what you should do when we do not know what you are doing with the yoghurt and breadcrumbs.

mazzy1, Aug 26, 5:52am
OK -it involves marinating in the yoghurt for a while, then dipping into egg and then breadcrumbs, then baking in the oven. Nothing too fancy. I guess anyone who has used this method before will know what I mean buzzy.

gerry64, Aug 26, 7:25am
I dont marinade mine in the yoghurt - just cover them with it then the breadcrumbs the cook them as normal -but maybe you would cook them less as they have been marinated

mazzy1, Aug 26, 11:12pm
Yum - they were delicious! Marinated them in yoghurt in a plastic bag for an hour or so, then dipped in egg and breadcrubs; 180 degrees for about 40 minutes and they were really tender and a nice flavour. Give it a go people!

gerry64, Aug 26, 11:43pm
Yep - they are nice mazzy - stay lovely and moist but dont alter the flavour like most marinades do

dbab, Aug 27, 4:28am
I have used this recipe ever since I discovered it on here. I have also made it using sour cream thinned down with a little milk. I always add some Smokey BBQ Flavour and a little Garlic Salt to the wet mix. I don't dip it into egg, as the yoghurt/sour cream holds the crumbs on.

gerry64, Aug 27, 5:14am
I leave out the egg as well -just the yoghurt and crumbs- panko crumbs are best

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