Breville Fast Slow Cooker

milinda, Aug 30, 5:14am
My Brother bought me one of these cookers, would love to hear from anyone who has one. Please share your favourite recipes.Cheers

milinda, Sep 1, 12:40am
Has anyone got one of these cookers, if so have you cooked roast beef in it!

huggy5, Sep 2, 2:24am
I have one, but I realised I don't really like 'slow cooker' food.I do like using the pressure cooker setting for whole chickens (they stay really moist and aren't nearly as fatty as the ones I roast) and also for chilli.I haven't found anything else to cook in it yet, but I think I'll try some soups next winter.

dbab, Sep 2, 3:02am
Type Breville Fast Slow Cooker
into the Search area at left and click on Last year. Lots of threads there

tiogapass1, Sep 3, 10:00am
I LOVE mine.
on the pressure cooking setting I have made great rice, rice pudding, curry, pot roast, chicken caserole, corned beef, lamb shanks, and risotto.
Would not be without it.

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