Cheap fresh bulk foods?

rats123, Apr 15, 10:37pm
I posted this in the General section but I think it might be more appropriate here. :-)

Do you know where I can get fresh bulk foods like dates, figs, nuts etc, at reasonable prices. All the major supermarkets have them at crazy prices like $30 to $40 per kg! :-(

lilyfield, Apr 16, 12:13am
Moshims--or Gilmours

rats123, Apr 16, 2:51am
I didn't think Gilmours dealt directly with the public ...

lilyfield, Apr 16, 5:19am
no -but its easy to get a card

doug57, Apr 16, 5:21am
Moshims definetly. . It's round the corner from Valentines in Wairau Rd.
Almonds are $12. 99kg [and often on special for $9. 99]

miffycat1, Apr 16, 5:25am
lilyfieldHow do you get a card, thought you had to be a business & spend a certain amount each time you shopped ?

stasi21, Apr 16, 6:37am
definately have to be a bussiness, pretty sure there's no minimum spend though

pickles7, Feb 4, 9:07pm
how many kg's are you wanting to buy? ? ? ? if your order was like 5 kg's at any one time I guess you could ask for a discount... . worth a go... barter... .