Butter Chicken Update!

sarahb5, Jul 27, 6:38am
I have finally found some fenugreek so have bought some to add to my existing spice mix but while talking to the Indian lady who was serving me about how I make mine she was telling me that they only use butter to cook the tomatoes in.In fact, she said they skin and dice the tomatoes, fry them in butter to reduce the acidity, squeeze the water out of the tomatoes and then cook the chicken and spices in the pan, re-add the tomatoes and just a little cream to blend it so I will be trying her recipe instead next time I make it.She also said it shouldn't be hot but well spiced.

gennie, Jul 27, 7:07am
Did she say what other spices she uses! I have seen so many recipes with different combo's

sarahb5, Jul 27, 11:04am
I didn't ask but as I'm happy with the spice mix I've been using that's what I'll carry on using and just use her method - I don't usually add tomatoes to my butter chicken but thought it was interesting how she said the butter was traditionally used rather than just cooking the chicken and spices in it

sarahb5, Jul 27, 11:16am
Yes that's the one I use - it's the best I've ever tasted and apparently will be even better now I have fenugreek.Now I just have to work out how much to add

mwood, Jul 27, 1:38pm
as it's an aromatic you can add it to the last phase of the cooking - taste it - need a little more ! - adda little more :-)

sarahb5, Jul 27, 10:21pm
OK - thanks for that - it is certainly making my pantry smell quite aromatic!

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