Salmon Stir Fry ~ how would you cook yours?

darlingmole, Jul 28, 1:39am
I have never made this before and would like some ideas please

kkmm3, Jul 28, 8:11am
yum! stirfry the salmon in some oil/butter - not for too long - then take it out and stirfry some mushrooms/spinach/peppers/bokc-
hoy/ - whatever you like - then add in the salmon then sprinkle with lemon juice yummmm

darlingmole, Jul 28, 9:51am
thanks kkmm3~ have waited all day for a reply so we haven't cooked it tonight so will give that a go tomorrow for lunch :-)

guest, Jan 12, 3:35am
Hats off to wheeovr wrote this up and posted it.

guest, Jan 13, 5:48pm
The other day I cooked 3 clarneaced chickens in my roaster. While they cooked I chopped the veggies. When they were done, I immediately started on gravy, picking the meat and bagging for several meals, then made broth. I have a dehydrator, so when I see a great deal on produce, I can really take advantage of it. I found a great deal on onions a few weeks ago and dried them and they're in my pantry for use in soups and casseroles. My dehydrator saves me tons of time and money in the kitchen:) Thanks for your site!