How long BBQ rack of lamb? ASAP!

omaria, Jul 30, 4:28am
I have marinated it with a soy mustard garlic marinate, its weight is just over 500 grams (just for the 2 of us) how long would it need on the BBQ!
Hubby reckons to cut it up first but I said whats the point of buying a rack if you cooking just chops LOL.your advice and opinion much appreciated.

twindizzy, Jul 30, 4:34am

leesil, Jul 30, 4:39am
You really need to cook it in the oven if you want to keep it as a rack. On the BBQ it will just end up being burnt on the outside and really raw in the middle.

davidt4, Jul 30, 5:43am
I always cut lamb racks into cutlets.They cook very quickly on a high heat, there is more flavour from the caramelised surfaces, and cutlets are much easier to manage than a whole rack.

Don't marinate them too heavily because the flavour is sweet and delicate.

gerry64, Jul 30, 6:09am
sorry have to agree with hubby - they are much better cut and cooked quickly if you are doing it on theBBQ

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