slow cooker

feever, Apr 14, 8:54am
tried it tonight ; cannot be inspired. Help ; ideas please for tasty food this way! !

fisher, Apr 14, 8:58am
Tell us what you did first... to make you feel uninspired. . :}

feever, Apr 14, 9:05am
kumera, carrots, mushrooms, onions, a chilli, two tomatoes, pumpkin, cubed topside, a tin of diced tomatoes mixed with a slow cooker beef sachet thing by maggi. I added several sloshes of Worcester Sauce, plenty of black pepper and a pinch of sugar. Others loved it. I just found the whole thing - blah - and made an omlette! !

beaker59, Apr 14, 9:09am
You need to Brown the meat first and then the onions garlic then deglaze the pan into the mix then do the rest. Forget the dsachet its just stock powder and chemicals use real stock.

spongeypud, Apr 15, 8:36am
I've made loads of stuff in the crockpot and all get rave reviews. I've noticed over the years some people say that everything taste the same, I don't agree. Check out the slow cooker/crockpot thread here php? f=10&sid=20580e

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