Left over Roast lamb

viv130, Aug 5, 8:28pm
Anyone got a nice idea for a salad or a hot dish for left over roast lamb. Thanks

timturtle, Aug 5, 8:59pm
We used to either have itr cold with pickled onions, beetroot and mash spuds as kids, or mum would make a shepards pie out of it, or she would do both, with a large mutton roast.

sarahb5, Aug 5, 9:58pm
We have ours re-heated in wraps with salad and tzatziki - yum .Mr 17 doesn't like shepherd's pie.

cookessentials, Aug 5, 10:18pm
Slice all lamb and layer in a casserole dish with sliced onion ( rings), thinly sliced potaot or kumara ( or both if you wish) just alternately layer the vege and the meat. Pour over a can of chopped tomatoes and some herbs. Make a gravy and pour over, letting it get right down to the bottom. Oven 170C lid on and cook until vege are tender and meat is hot. One pot meal to go.

schnauzer11, Aug 6, 12:05am
Last week I did this:Cut all the meat into chunks.Put a couple of onions through food-processor,then into bowl.Roughly process the lamb.Add to them 2 eggs,1/2 cup oatmeal,herbs,salt and pepper,dessertspoon paprika.Mix,then sit for an hour.Form into fat patties,roll in flour,and fry.They were fantastic!You could omit the paprika and process some dried apricots with the onions instead,great with lamb.

cookessentials, Aug 6, 1:27am
Sounds delicious. My Mum used t o put the left over roast meat through the mincer and make a cottage/shepherds pie.

wheelz, Aug 6, 6:31am
I made Thai Lamb salad with my cold left overs.hubby thought it was better than the usual beef .

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