Pork Belly in coconut milk.

village.green, Mar 20, 10:09am
Probably because raw meat is 70% moisture, so obviously you will lose a fair bit after cooking.
oops just saw this was an old post!

korbo, Aug 7, 10:27pm
would this be ok, instead of normal milk. friend suggested it, but not too sure.

tuii2, Aug 8, 3:19am
Daughter did this the other night was just as good

korbo, Aug 8, 3:25am

griffo4, Aug 8, 5:30am
Korbo can you please report back how it went please!

korbo, Aug 8, 10:09am
Yes, it was absolutly delicious. you could taste the coconut just.
Hubby thought it was lovely, guess thats the main thing.
The peice fitted snuggly into a small roasting dish i have, but after 1.1/2hrs it had shrunk about 3inches in width.

why does our roast meat shrink so much.

mwood, Aug 8, 10:23am
too hot and too fast - this dish should be braised not roasted

korbo, Aug 9, 12:23am
Not only this dish, but any roast, lamb, pork or beef.
they all seem to shrink.
I only cook mine on 140-160, and boy did the leg of lamb on sunday shrink.

mwood, Aug 9, 1:04am
Check your oven for temperature and steam leaks try adding water to your roasting pan.Alternatively heat on high for first 20 mins turning the meat to seal the surfaces.

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