Just made my 1st lot of Marmalade for this year.

samsnan, Jul 18, 4:17am
Soaked it last night and cooked and bottled it today. Sets beautifully this time of the year. Here is how for any new cooks.
Take 2 good size Grapefruit-2 oranges and 2 lemons. Squeeze out the juice of them into a plastic (anything not metal) container (I use a plastic bucket. Chop up the rest and proccess it until smallish bits.Add 10 cups of water. Put it all in with the juice and leave overnight. Next day cook it for about an hour and then add 8 cups of sugar and stir untill its mixed in. I only had to cook mine for about 25mins and it was ready to bottle. My lot made 9 jars.
The grapefruit this year seem to be a bit earlier than usual. I dont usually make mine until the last week of July.

ridgeline, Jul 18, 8:03am
Edmonds Cook Book recipe is as good as any I have tried

lurtz, Jul 18, 8:32am
Well done samsnan!I made a batch of Lime marmalade when our local New World had them for $3.00 a kilo recently.

rrrg, Jul 19, 8:45am
What lime recipe did you use lurtz

autumnwinds, Jul 22, 1:46am
As I can't use anything with grapefruit, due to heavy-duty heart drugs, would love a really successful lime marmalade, too, please!

Preferably one that is quite jelly-ish, with minimum amount of peel in the finished product.Thank you

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