Rachael Ray Cookware - now available in NZ

sumstyle, Jul 17, 4:16am
Harvey Norman stores - don't know if it would be the full range, but I thought I'd post this info as I have seen threads asking about it before now.

carriebradshaw, Jul 17, 4:35am
Yay!That's great.I love her cookware.

maynard9, Jul 17, 4:46am
My American DIL has heaps of it and loves it.Am planning on bringing some back next time I visit.

antoniab, Jul 17, 5:33am
Yeah I saw that a couple of weeks ago - very expensive and small range though, I want her scoop/slice thing for getting your chopped vege into the pot but thats not one of the items Harvey Norman sells

missing1, Jul 17, 10:45am
My dad just cuts ice cream container lids to shape. Does the same job and free!

cookessentials, Jul 17, 7:11pm
Have seen it, only a very small range so far and orange!

antoniab, Jul 17, 8:08pm
Hmm good idea - might give that a crack! :)