Carrot Cake.

annet4, Apr 13, 10:38pm
I love it but I've never made it. There are so many recipes out there. Can I have some ideas please? Thanks heaps in advance.

rrrg, Apr 13, 11:38pm
search in the message board - to the left of this screen and you will find lots of recipes

buzzy110, Apr 14, 4:21am
This recipe is for TRADE ME RECIPES Message board.

I have used this recipe for ever. The cake comes out perfectly every time and stays moist and fresh for a long time.

¾ CupVegetable Oil
1 Cup Sugar
2 Eggs
1 Cup Flour
1½ tspns Baking Powder
1 tspn Baking Soda
1 tspn Cinnamon
¼ tspn Salt
1½ Cups Grated Carrot
½ Cup Walnuts – Chopped
50grams Butter
½ Cup Cream Cheese
½ tspn Lemon Rind
½ tspn Lemon Juice
¾ Cup Icing Sugar

1 Beat Oil and Sugar for 3 minutes until sugar is dissolved
2 Add Eggs one at a time and beat well between additions
3 Sift Flour, Baking Powder, Soda, Cinnamon and Salt
4 Fold dry ingredients into mixture in bowl
5 Fold in Grated Carrot and Chopped Walnuts
6 Bake in greased and lined ring tin at 180oC for 50-60mins
7 Turn out on a wire rack and ice when cool

1 Beat together the Butter, Cream Cheese and Lemon Rind until smooth and fluffy
2 Add Lemon Juice and sift in Icing Sugar to spreading consistency

elliehen, Apr 14, 4:35am
Here's one from valentino, who really knows how to bake a cake! He has a super-special layered version too, which you can find through an Anytime search.

margyr, Apr 14, 5:09am
i dont put butter or lemon juice in my icing, just cream cheese and icing sugar and a little vanilla essence, also have chopped really fine raw rhubarb and used it instead of carrot, yummy as well.

annet4, Jan 29, 4:00pm
Thanks for the recipes. I'll try each one.

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