Vegetarian Lasagne recipe please!

kaylin, Apr 13, 9:15pm
I need a vegetarian lasagne recipe to feed 6 adults please. One that doesnt have much capsicum in it (one guest doesn like it). And not too watery. Or overlea expensive actally - don't want to have to buy fresh parmesan, or other flash stuff. (I like feta though... )And before you ask - google is NOT my friend. Didn't help. I don't want much do I! !

margyr, Apr 13, 9:38pm
just on the left here in trademe is a box headed message board, recipes, in keyword or member type in vege lasagne, then in the date posted box click on the arrow and click on anytime, then click on search, you should find what you want there.

helen65018, Apr 13, 9:40pm
Just stir fry onion & garlic add any chopped veges you like & tin of chopped tomatoes. simmer til nearly cooked. Layer it up with pasta sheets & cheese sauce & bake. Serve with crunchy salad & crusty/garlic bread!

akd100, Jan 28, 4:10pm
I've got a pumpkin lasagne recipe, but I need to find it.

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