Culinary Council in Tauranga. not a recipe

cookiebarrel, Jul 15, 10:21am
I know but an awesome place.Went there for the first time yesterday and wow.lovely, friendly, helpful staff.A really enjoyable experience and looking forward to going again soon.High five for a girl's day out.

elliehen, Jul 15, 9:01pm
Your name alone gives you a free pass to Recipes ;)

kevymtnz, Jul 15, 10:11pm
nice climate
many snotty people
bad drivers
usless council
beach should ok this summer re Rena

kara101, Jul 16, 2:05am
I live accross the road and frequent there on the odd day, generally looking as cant afford to buy, but awesome stuff in there.They also have cooking classes for both men and women.You can sign up with them and email you the info out.Gourmet Trader next door is also great.

cookiebarrel, Jul 16, 3:22am
Thanks elliehen, love making them as well, that's the cookies not the barrels, though in saying that I did once make a birthday cake in the shape of a cookie barrel, complete with cookies.
And kara101, agree with you but will be saving hard.They have a Cupcake class coming up this week with Kelly Johnson from the Gourmet Trader.Would love to go but my finances will not stretch to it this month.She does some awesome work.

luvmykicks, Jul 16, 10:16am
I go there often. Love digging through the cake decorating stuff and often pick up gifts for my mum that has everything.

motorbo, Jul 16, 10:26am
if u like that place go to the food company (from memory thats the right name) at mt maunganui.its awesome too

cookiebarrel, Jul 18, 1:59am
Yep, the cake decorating stuff certainly pushed my buttons.Thanks for that motorbo, will certainly give them a look.

auburn4, Jul 19, 4:38am
Motorbo, you mean The Good Food Trading Company on MacDonald St, Mt Maunganui. Another great place to go.

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