Rice Bubble slice

1lady, Jun 23, 2:11am
Hi as anyone got a recipe for Rice bubble cake, using ony butter golden syrup and rice bubbles, TIA

margyr, Jun 23, 2:36am
here is one from an old thread,
Probably made, baked & eaten

Rice Bubble slice
125gr butter
125gr sugar
2TBSPs honey or golden syrup
Bring to boil & simmer 5min. Remove from heat & add 5c Rice bubbles. Pour into a sponge roll tin. Cut while warm


jessie981 (61 )7:39 pm, Mon 29 Aug #4

arrowmax, Jun 23, 2:37am
Have just made this one myself.
Melt in pot - 4 oz butter, 1/2 c sugar, 1 dtsp honey, 1 dtsp golden syrup.Boil 5 minutes, add capful vanilla essence.Cool a little then add 5 cups ricies. Cut while warm.Use smaller tin.

Was looking for recipe the other day that only used syrup and not honey, as I had none, but could not fine recipe that was no honey.I made the above one today without the syrup but doubled the honey.Very nice, and not too sweet, but lovely honey taste.

1lady, Jun 23, 10:02pm
Many thanks .

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