Can you thin coconut cream.

awoftam, Jun 25, 5:16am
with normal milk! Making a thai curry and not sure I have quite enough coconut milk.

geldof, Jun 25, 5:31am
Shouldn't need to be precise with the amount.
If I had to, I would tend to use stock or water, rather than milk.
Or soak some dessicated coconut in hot water for a while, stirring a bit, then strain and use the resulting milk.

davidt4, Jun 25, 5:37am
I wouldn't worry too much.Coconut creams vary hugely amongst different brands, even amongst different sized containers, so just use what you have.Thai curries are very liquid, so a little less coconut cream won't make a big difference.

I certainly wouldn't use milk as the flavour would be all wrong.

awoftam, Jun 25, 5:38am
Thanks geldof, I did wonder about using stock. I'm not being overly precise, its just that I am cooking MAN size for my son and his mate and am using way more chicken than I usually do. Thought I had more coconut milk than I have.


awoftam, Jun 25, 5:40am
Thanks for that.appreciateit.

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