Old cookbook -section on new dishes from leftovers

gaspodetwd, Apr 13, 5:35am
why don't new ones do this? It is ingenious! I love the first paragraph!
"Never forget that the better the housekeeper the fewer the scraps. Try to gain a reputation for cleverly planned , use-up-as-you-go meals. "

recipes? That use stale bread, sour milk, stale cake, cold potatoes, fish, cooked meat, veges, rice, steamed pud and fruit. Not what yuo see in the modern cookbooks - unless anyone knows differently!

elliehen, Apr 13, 5:44am
gaspodetwd, maybe posters can add a 'leftover' recipe or idea here?

I crumble the last two 'orphan' slices of Vogel's bread and mix with about 50g of grated cheese as a topping for casserole dishes. Makes a golden crust.

gaspodetwd, Apr 13, 8:14am
It's amazing - I have a great recipe for making cream cheese from soured milk. And potted fish with leftovers. cauliflower casseroleand cabbage custard. 1947 cookbook - and chock full of gerat ideas!

rog.e, Apr 13, 8:30am
Thanks for this idea elliehen !


tich50, Apr 13, 8:33am
blendleftovervegies, addoats, bran, 2eggs- onewilldo, salt, pepperandmakevegiepatties. dip: plainyoghurt, addgratedcucumber(or cubed), gratedcarrotwithdashofpepper... . yum!

tich50, Jan 27, 6:06am
Leftoverstir-fryisbestforaboverecipeasitsalreadyflavoured. Withleftovercookedpumpkinialwaysmakefrittersandsprinklewithcinnamonsugar.

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