Apples! recipes please

gaspodetwd, Apr 13, 5:22am
Aside from apple crumble and apple pie, I make apple sauce and apple tarte tatin. What are your best apple recipes - we have an orchard near us and they are so delicious and fresh and cheap!

elliehen, Apr 13, 5:32am
Don't forget the humble baked apple. Core it, score it around its middle with a sharp knife to help keep its shape (bakes evenly) stuff with (my favourite) dates and walnuts and put in a baking pan with just a dash of water to start off the syrup that will form. I add no sugar, but some people like a tsp of brown sugar on top. Bake 180*C 40 mins plus.

gaspodetwd, Apr 13, 5:35am
ooh - good one. I HAD forgotten.

dezzie, Apr 13, 5:44am
lol, We've got really cheap ones here as well, meant to be for pets because they are a bit dented etc, I've been cooking them up then bagging and freezing them, then we can have them for puddings, on pork etc, for ages. My last batch was a massive big pot full of rhubarb and apple for crumbles on those chilly nights.

agnes8, Apr 13, 7:45am
Oh the memories. . my Mum used to make that pudding. . always added the brown sugar anda little knob of butter at the top . She had a corer that took out the core and then stuffed the hole with dates, walnuts, or with those big sticky raisins we used to get... so yummy and the brown sugar and butter would caramelise... . ***now added to a list of recipes to do this winter***.

elliehen, Apr 13, 10:57am
Yes, agnes8, I forgot to mention butter... butter with brown sugar to top it off makes it a gourmet dessert. A baked apple is delicious cold next day too - and I've also chopped one into my porridge :)

rog.e, Apr 13, 11:48am
A change for baked apples is to make a syrup of Golden Syrup and hot water mixed together and pour over and around the apples in a baking dishfor baking. 1 Tablespoon G. S. to a cup of hot water.

Serve the baked apples with custard and if wished cream or icecream, add some of the condensed syrup to the apple in the dessert dish.

lonicera, Apr 14, 8:43am
Apple and craisin or sultana muffins, apple and cinnamon muffins with a struesel topping, perhaps, or the following:
3 large apples, skinned and grated, mixed with 2 cups dark cane or raw sugar, coveredv and left for a few hours or over night. 2 well beaten large eggs, 1/2 cup canola or similar oil added to the apple mix. now stir in 2 cups wholemeal flour, 2 tsp baking soda, same cinnamon and 1 of nutmeg if you have it. Ginger is a good substitute. Mixture is sloppy, but never mind. Pour into well greased tin and bake about an hour at 180C or until skewer comes out clean. Very moist cake and so yummy. Chopped walnuts and or sultanas can be added. Can be served plain, dusted with icing sugar, iced with cream cheese icing. Freezes well, too. From Digby Law's Dessert Cookbook. Have made it and variations for simply years and is always very popular when served as cake or dessert.

cottagerose, Feb 5, 6:45am
Stewed. Then put a sponge topping on while hot is lovely.