Chocolate gourmands.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 1, 1:56am
Or perhaps lovers of fine chocolate would be better! ;-)

A couple of bits of news.

Willie's chocolate (UK) will soon be available at Nosh.

Schoc Chocolates (Wairarapa - near Cooks!) is trialling these new flavours -
Carrot & Coriander (dark),
Almond & Caraway (white) and
Fennel (dark).

And. I think the second NZ Chocolate Festival is happening next month in Wellington.

miri_s, Jul 1, 3:25am
*covers eyes*

arrrrggg, I didn't see this thread.

elliehen, Jul 1, 4:21am
Dark Carrot and Coriander evokes memories of the chocolate vegetable bars I snacked on last year in the US. .called "Organic Chocolate Dream Greens":

Organic dried fruit blend - raisins, dates, bananas with organic rice flour
Organic raw cashews
Organic dark chocolate
Organic tapioca syrup
Organic freeze-dried vegetable blend: carrot juice, spinach leaf, broccoli sprouts, kale
Organic rice protein
Sunflower lecithin
Organic vanilla extract
Organic sunflower oil
Sea salt

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