Chocolate almond cake help

fourarms, Jul 1, 11:08pm
I've just had a go at making the Countdown/Masterchef Chocolate Almond cake with prunes.and it wasn't a great success. The cake started burning within 20mins of being in the oven, so I took it out and scraped the burnt top off, put it back in and reduced the temp a bit. It was going fine for about another 30 mins and then started burning again. I've taken it out and given up on trying to cook it. Recipe says to cook at 175 degrees for 1 hour. The cake is quite light with 6 eggs separated and the whites beaten and folded in. Has anyone had any luck baking this cake and able to give me some hints on how to stop it burning! The tin has grease proof paper on the bottom & tin foil on the sides. Don't know if that makes a difference.! First time I've heard of lining a tin with tin foil, but then again I'm not a seasoned baker. Any advice welcomed and gratefully received.

geldof, Jul 1, 11:29pm
I was going to try that cake.Good to have the feedback.
Maybe lining the sides with tinfoil is and indication that it burns!
If I make it, I will cover the top with tinfoil til the last 15mins.

What a waste of ingreds. for you.
Can you finish it in the microwave and make a pudding with it, or truffles!

fourarms, Jul 1, 11:40pm
Yeah it was a bit disappointing to have it fail. It's not a cheap cake to make! I had been wanting to try baking it for ages and finally got around to it this morning. If I try it again I'll line the tin with grease proof paper on the sides instead of foil and see if that makes a difference. Does putting foil over the top stop cakes from burning! Does it not stop the cake from cooking properly!
I'll probably use it for pudding tonight - hubby will eat it I'm sure.

geldof, Jul 1, 11:43pm
It will stop the top burning, but needs to come off for a while to 'crust' the top of the cake.
May take a little longer to cook.
I would just test with a skewer about 10min before it should be done.

fourarms, Jul 1, 11:46pm
Thanks. If I attempt to make the cake again I'll give that a go.
Any suggestions of what I can do with a bottle of cream! It's due to expire today and was going to use it for the cake. Was wondering about cooking some chicken for dinner and using it with that, but not sure what to do.

davidt4, Jul 1, 11:47pm
Is your oven functioning properly!It sounds as if the grill has been coming on.

The foil lining wouldn't make any difference.

fourarms, Jul 2, 12:25am
I think it is. But I'll have a look at the grill next time I have the oven on and check.

waswoods, Jul 2, 8:24am
The cream will be fine. Do the smell and taste test on it if in doubt

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