Chocolate Eclairs .sucess at last.

karenbnz, Jul 1, 10:01am
Made chock Eclairs last night.they turned out first experience many moons ago were a fflop now I have mastered it will be making them again

razza04, Jul 1, 10:09am
Kiwinz that is great.are they hard to make.they would have been real yummmmy.I persume they have all

karenbnz, Jul 1, 10:35am
Hehehe Razza they sure have.Wonder if I could freeze them with cream in! They do in the shops. Wonder how long they keep forin container!

karenbnz, Jul 1, 10:36am
Gotta have something I can makewhen you come to visit :0)

razza04, Jul 1, 10:44am
Mine would never get to the deep freeze.they would be gone pretty forward to them when we get down south.choc eclairs are one of my favourites.

gardie, Jul 1, 6:55pm
Not hard provided you allow the flour to cook a bit (1-2 mins) after you add it to the water/butter mix.Most flops are because the flour hasn't cooked out enough.

razza04, Jul 2, 5:19am
Thanks gardie.will have to try and make them some time.home made ones sure are nice.

razza04, Jul 2, 5:22am
Kiwinz.Bazza wants to know if you are going to put one in the parcel for you done any more baking today with Mr 9 year old being home to enjoy it.

cgvl, Jul 2, 5:24am
yes you can freeze with cream in them and really nice barely thawed too.

juliewn, Jul 2, 8:07am
Nutella makes a great icing for them. and it tastes good.

lynja, Jul 2, 9:03am
what a great idea juliewn. I used to make them by beating with a wooden spoon cause thats what my recipe said to do. now i do it with an electric beater, works perfectly.

karenbnz, Jul 4, 12:15pm
Thanks Gardie. That was most likely the problem with my first attempt.

karenbnz, Jul 4, 12:16pm
Thanks cgv. I did freeze tree of them with cream in. They were perfect!

karenbnz, Jul 4, 12:17pm
Thanks Julie will try this on next batch.

karenbnz, Jul 4, 12:18pm
Thanks to all who have posted with your wonderful suggestions

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