Is it my cooking or the oven?

blackbird29, Apr 13, 1:53am
For the last couple of months nothing I make seems to come out right. I think the oven is taking longer to heat up then normal but im not sure but everything seems to burn on the bottom... biscuits, muffins etc anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

basenjibabe, Apr 13, 1:54am
sounds like a thermostat problem if it's taking longer to heat, then burning things. Might need a serviceman to come out

blackbird29, Apr 13, 2:00am
hmmm hope thats not expensive. .

buzzy110, Apr 13, 2:31am
It's all this watered down electricity that the rapacious power companies are selling these days. They should be forced to guarantee the quality of their product and guarantee that it isn't diluted in strength so they can make more money.

pericles, Apr 13, 2:32am
just found out why mine was doing the same.
After the last clean, I hadn't put the door back in squarely

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