Jiffy pudding recipe please

nondescript, Jul 4, 9:55pm
Lost mine , think I have it in my head , just want to check . Tia

245sam, Jul 4, 11:02pm
Do you have any more details nondescript!e.g. what type of pudding is this "Jiffy Pudding" - I'm not familiar with a recipe of that name but maybe it's a pudding that has other names!:-))

nondescript, Jul 4, 11:25pm
It's like the self saucing chocolate pud but with brown sugar in the sauce , same self saucing style , cooked in a dish in the oven . Thanks

macandrosie, Jul 8, 4:42am
This is a quick one I make:
Quick Chocolate Steamed Pudding

Mix together: 1 cup flour
2 tsp cream of tartar
2 tabs sugar
1 tsp b soda
2 tabs cocoa
Add enough milk to make a soft dough. Place in a greased steam puddingbowl.
Sauce: 2 tabs golden syrup
½ cup sugar
50 gr butter
1 cup boiling water
Melt all ingreds, then pour over pudding. Place in a large pot with water. Don’t cover the bowl, but place a lid on the pot. Steam for 30-40 mins.

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