Butter crisp biscuits?

nik12, May 20, 12:00pm
Lovely sounding recipe in last week's womans mag.Said butter crisp buscuits heated then pushed into patty tin for a base.I could find them in the supermarket, but knew others had used gingernuts for similar so bought them.
Problem, they sit lovely in the bottom of the patty tin, lol, not leaving a nice indent for the caramel filling.
So used the mini muffin tins, and it sort of worked, but a pain in the butt and lots wasted.
Sooo, what the heck is a butter crisp. or should I use couplands gingernuts that I think would be big enough to push into a patty tin!

korbo, May 20, 8:02pm
what mag was the recipe in. I have seen some biscuits called butter snap, wonder if they are them. couplands gingernuts are to die for, unfortunatley, cant get them in Nth Island. can we have the recipe. thanks.

pogram0, May 21, 7:50am
Couplands Bakery are in a couple of North Island locations.I know they are in Hamilton and when I was in ChCh last November they told me they were soon to open in Auckland.

winnie231, May 21, 7:56am
Flip your muffin tin upside-down & warm the biscuits over the 'humps' . easy as to shape them that way around :)

bambi58, May 21, 8:28am
What biscuits are best for doing this! I love the gingernuts filled with cream & chopped ginger! What other biscuits could be used, and how do you soften them!

korbo, May 21, 8:53am
winnie , do you warm the tins first !

winnie231, May 21, 10:50am
No need to preheat the tray.
You just balance the biscuits on the humps of the up-side-down muffin tray, place in a moderate oven and check every couple of minutes.
As soon as they are soft enough to mould - lift out of the oven & shape them gently with your hand.
I've done this with coconut crisp biscuits & also flat thin anzacs.

gshj, May 21, 11:13pm
I couldn't find those biscuits either and looked at both Pac n save & Countdown.Got some that were called something like butter crunch (have thrown packet out) and they were chocolate coated on one side.I just heated them (choc side up) and then pressed with a spoon to make the hollow for the filling.Only problem was there was only 12 biscuits in the packet, so I had to invent a use for the rest of the filling.

nik12, May 29, 9:11am
Sorry been packing to move. hence the baking last week - procrastination :-).
That's a brilliant idea about using the bottom of the muffin tin! Working with hot biscuits is very difficult!Still not sure griffins gingernuts big enough anymore.
So gshj. those ones worked! I've just read a cheesecake recipe someone used them fro the base I think.What did you invent to use the rest of the filling! I just kept filling my rejects. used two packets of griffins. it's thick enough it didn't fall out of the little holes lol.
Those of you with no couplands, I feel for you, they really do make the best gingernuts.Perfect for dunking (although too big for some cups), but still soft enough to eat without dunking :-)

antoniab, May 29, 9:42am
Yum Couplands is just down the road from me - never been in there, might have to now! :)

tommydog, Jun 21, 7:26am
Whatever you do don't eat their YoYos they are so addictive and moorish so delicous with a cup of tea.My favourties.

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