Rolled Pav

macwood2, Apr 12, 5:37am
Can't seem to nail this one. I am an experienced cook but this is my achilles! Had another go last night for Japanese guests - it looked like nothing on earth - tasted good though - thank goodness for the cream and raspberries! ! Any tips?

52many, Apr 12, 6:06am
What do you do to roll the pav? I use 4 layers of gladwrap and it seems to be successful.

macwood2, Apr 12, 7:21am
It's the texture of the cooked pav and the getting it off the baking paper without it falling to bits.

krazy_kat, Jan 22, 6:15pm
macwood2 - can you email me your recipe? I've never had this problem and am happy to share my recipe with you if you would like? I would love to compare! ! my email is evajohnston at hotmail dot com

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