Thickening a pie filling

falconhell2002, Jun 8, 8:31pm
Hi all, I made the filling for a venison, mushie and red wine pie yesterday in the crockpot.Have just gone to put it together and relised that I did not thicken it before i cooled it.Can I do it now some how!I need to have the pie cooked and ready to go before 11 today for a pot luck lunch.TIA.

gardie, Jun 8, 8:39pm
Yip - I just stir through a tablespoon of bisto or gravox powder and it will thicken as the pie cooks.

olwen, Jun 8, 8:49pm
Arrowroot would work well if you have it.You wouldn't need much.Just mix some with a little of the liquid and stir it through, or use cornflour

falconhell2002, Jun 8, 8:51pm
I dont have arrowroot but I do have bisto and cornflour.Either of them wont go lumpy and yucky going into cold filling will they!Sorry todays get together is important to the other half and I really want to have this pie tasting yummo!

pickles7, Jun 8, 8:57pm
I would bring the meat up to the boil, thicken as usual. Put the pot in a sink of cold water and stir the meat to cool it down. Change the water often. If there is a lot of meat spread it out onto a shallow dish to cool that way.

ange164, Jun 8, 10:11pm
I have previously simply stirred flour into stewed apple so that as it cooked the apple thickend for the pie. That worked well. i see no reason it wouldn't work the same for your pie.

theboss17, Jun 8, 11:14pm
i do this all the time no fail take some juice out put into a cup add about table spoon flour may be more depends on size of pie

falconhell2002, Jun 9, 8:43am
Well it was still a little moist but the ones that eat venison liked it.

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