Anyone made martha stewarts crackle cookies?

purplegoanna, Apr 11, 9:45pm
she made them yesterday on sky and they looked amazing and ymmy, just wondered how crunchy they were... http://uk4dz.

paghan, Apr 12, 5:43am
I'm going to give them a crack (hehe) and the Mudslide ones too, They looked devine

purplegoanna, Apr 12, 8:16am
me too ive got to print out the recipe in the morning so i can get the neccessary items in the shopping tomorrow, they look & sound yum...

julzienz, Apr 12, 10:16am
Just made the crackle ones. . They are more like fudgey brownies than cookies. Very rich.

purplegoanna, Jan 25, 4:50pm
ohh thats ok as hubbys has trouble with anything crunchy, going to make them tomorrow wit his grandaughter for something to do.

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