Oil intead of butter

mike547, May 21, 2:58am
just going to make some muffins for after school and have no butter in the house.If the recipe has 100gms of butter how much oil would I use instead.Thanks if you can help

sarahb5, May 21, 2:59am
Same weight of oil as butter - I always make muffins using oil instead of butter as they keep better and that's the conversion I do - just weigh the oil in a jug

mike547, May 21, 6:43am
muffins turned out yummy

sarahb5, May 21, 10:17am
That's good - I've been using oil instead of butter for years, apart from anything else a lot of muffin recipes seem to call for melted butter which you have to cool before adding to the other ingredients which seems a bit of a phaff when oil is pretty much the same thing anyway.Muffins also seem to stay moist for longer when you use oil.

bunny51, May 21, 10:19am
I always use oil when making muffins too. I use 1/4 cup oil per 50 grams butter. IT always seems to work out fine. (Kids always eat them LOL)

guest, Mar 21, 4:10pm
Hi Stephanie! These look delicious!I m rediang all your posts I didn t read while I was away and there s so much goodness in here, with all the interviews, work and everything. And muffins! :) Ill have to come back later because... well, there s work to be done on my desk.Love from the south!

guest, Mar 22, 6:50am
Brilliant AND WELL PRESENTED vidS how to make our own food. These free from the mass produced checamils that are not good to eat long term. Thank you for these vids. I will certainly be trying to encourage my family to do what you have taught us, in your facinating vids to date. My REGARDS

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