Slow Cooker Recipes

onakiss, Apr 11, 6:45am
Have just bought a slow cooker but it only came with a few receipes. Has anybody got any good recipes or tips for using a slow cooker? Thanks

raewyn64, Apr 11, 7:16am
There are many recipes here. Use the search function to the left of this screen, enter in slow cooker and date posted of anytime - and allow plenty of reading time :)

helmont, Apr 11, 7:51am
The Alison Holst crock pot book has a few goodies.

But the easiest thing to do is to get the MAGGI 'Cook in the pot' or MAGGI 'slow cooker' sachets at the supermarket, and follow those directions.
Mmmmm... . .

jimbob37, Apr 11, 8:37am
I do all my roasts in it now. I do my chickens in it, just put it in with some spices etc on top, and leave it. I did a roast pork in it today - was divine!

alebix, Apr 11, 10:59am
I dont follow recipes, I just throw whatever in and go from there. I just make I season before serving.

gojojo2, Apr 11, 11:00am
Yum... what time do I come over? lol Sounds divine

jimbob37, Apr 12, 1:27am
LOL - it really was! Best roast pork I've ever made. Has always gone a bit dry. Followed another MB'ers advice and put a little soy sauce, and rubbed in some mustard powder and some cumin first. then grilled the crackling before serving. Yummo! ! !

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