Cardamom chocolate - what can I do with it?

nunesy, May 28, 5:10am
I've been given a small bar of quality dark chocolate flavoured with cardamom.I really don't like it, but don't want to waste it.Any ideas about how I could use it in cooking!I have never used cardamom so I'm not sure what other flavours it would go with anyway.Thanks for any ideas :-)

geldof, May 28, 5:21am
goes well with orange.
Melt into a rice pudd with orange zest.

nunesy, May 28, 5:33am
Hmm, I have some orange liqueur. also have some candied orange peels (left over from a dinner party) . maybe gourmet truffles are in order. will give the rice pudding a miss though, can't bear it!Thanks.

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