what do you put in your ice-pops?

jimbob37, Apr 11, 1:25am
Just bought some tupperware ice-block thingies, and wondering what interesting things people put in them.

macac, Apr 11, 1:58am
We use cans of any fruit and the juice or syrup out of can and put straight in and freeze, crushed pineapple and peaches a favourite.

actiongirl1, Apr 11, 6:12am
1 tin condensed milk
1 bottle bubbly raspberry fizz

Mix together in large bowl then pour into iceblock thingies...

ohhhh so yummy

fruitluva2, Apr 11, 6:18am
For :Trademe Recipes. co.nz

yoghurt, fruit juice

isis., Apr 11, 6:25am
lemonade, and rasberry cordial syrup:) yum

risey, Apr 11, 9:09am
my kids like this recipe previously posted (they reckon it tastes just like chocolate paddlepops)-Choc milk ice blocks http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages. asp
x? id=139064
We also make tropical ice blocks -banana, yogurt and a wee bit ofBarkers mango and passionfruit syrup added (we also make smoothies like this)

alebix, Apr 11, 11:01am
watered down juice
flat fizzy
jelly, yes jelly... . comes out like the jelly in jelly tips YUMMO

indigojo, Jan 21, 10:12am
banana mashed with yogurt is a hit here... .