Hibiscus Coast folks and their sausages

esther-anne, May 31, 8:54am
any recommendations for real yummy sausages obtainable on the Hibiscus Coast!

For years we have loved Jannsens sausages in Browns Bay (now The Farm Co.) and though we have moved from there we made a special trip today to get our fave pork chipolatas.Well!- they are now a mind- blowing $18 per kilo-we got some today but never again. Too expensive for our slender superannuitants budget.

What can anyone suggest on the H.C !TIA.

esther-anne, May 31, 11:47pm
Woe is me-seems no else lives on the Hibiscus Coast - or if they do they don't eat sausages!

natasha14, Jun 1, 12:01am
We love NOSH saussies, haven't they got a store at Matakana

esther-anne, Jun 1, 4:25am
Thanks natasha-where else does NOSH have stores!Matakana just a little far to go.I would like to try those. NOSH has a good reputation doesn't it and I must say I have never been!

masina6, Jun 1, 10:57am
Maybe try the butcher in Manly. im certain i have seen some fresh made sausages in there.
I will have a look on Saturday and let you know : )