what would you have to go with fresh smoke fish

lythande1, Apr 10, 9:57pm
Crusty bread and a salad

buzzy110, Apr 11, 5:46am
A slightly chilled sauvignon blanc or Monteith's Summer Ale.

auntlb, Apr 11, 5:57am
white bread and butter

uli, Apr 11, 6:08am
A lovely lukewarm potato salad and mixed green salad,

or a green bean salad and a tomato/cucumber salad with lots of fresh basil

andmaybe a slice of sourdough bread thick with butter.

chooky, Jan 20, 7:48am
We had a snapper dropped off to us by a neighbour, out came the smoker. Hot smoke fish, green salad and a beer, nothing nicer on a lazy sunday.

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