Baking meat in milk

raf4, May 17, 9:03am
Years ago I had a meal of lamb chops and they were oven baked in milk. They were beautiful, tender, tasty, and the fat was crisp. The milk had evaporated off. Does anyone know a recipe! Cheers Tony

gardie, May 17, 9:06am
I've only ever done pork chops in milk.Dip it into the milk, then into breadcrumbs to coat and sit it in a baking dish pouring milk to not quite cover.Salt and petter to taste and bake until tender.The milk curdles and isn't that nice to eat but the chops taste delicious.

cookessentials, May 17, 10:05am
The Italians cook their pork in milk and Annabel Langbiens pork in milk is just delicious and very tender.

bounce16, May 17, 10:17am
Pork belly cooked in milk with sage is delicious :)You can whizz the milk with a stick blender to make a sauce.

shop-a-holic, May 17, 10:52am
Before adding the milk to the pork; bring the milk to a simmer with crushed cumin seeds; caraway seeds; fennel seeds; juniper berries; blackpeppercorns and coriander seeds; 2 x torn bay leaves and the same amount of salt that Rachael Ray throws around. You may need around 750ml-1litre of milk, depending on the size of your roasting dish and pork belly.

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