SALSA advice please....

blackx, Apr 10, 5:25am
Hello all you helpful foodies, I have a question.
Does a salsa have to have chillies / peppers in it, to be a true Salsa?

jag5, Apr 10, 5:29am
Salsa can be whatever you have, or want, to put in it. The tomatoes are the base, go from there. I have made a chunky one to go with our crumbed schnitzel tonight. The crumbs soak up the juice, so yummy.

blackx, Jan 16, 5:57pm
Thanks jag5. I'm not a big fan of chillies or peppers but reading a few recipes on the net (Googled it), every one of them had chillies/peppers in it. Even the fruit / sweets ones ! ! Should have just come here first, and not bothered with Google ! Thanks again. Much appreciated.

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