Question- Chicken n rice together in slow cooker?

a.m.a.c, Mar 15, 12:41pm
I was thinking about doing apricot chicken in my slow cooker (owned for ages but never used lol) and was wondering if I can just throw everything in together or not!
I would use diced chicken breast (don't like bones), canned apricots, packet flavouring, water (or stock!) and uncooked rice. Can this be done! Just unsure if its ok to put the uncooked rice in with the uncooked chicken really, don't really need food poisoning anytime soon. Thanks.

deus701, Mar 15, 5:33pm
i think it would taste delicious.

gasman64, Mar 16, 1:11pm
I have cooked similiar recipes. i have a 5 litre zip slow cooker. The rice will need to cook overnight. Doesn't need to be on high. I would cook the chicken first though during the day, then pick the meat clean then add the other ingredients. It will get stewy and the rice will get mushy. As long as you don't mind more of a stew. You may have to add extra sweetening as the apricot juice is unlikely to give the right flavour diluted with all the rice and liquid. This is with my cooker. Your may need different settings and time. Hope that helps. Just made a split pea and ham with pearl barley in chicken stock.very nice but lots of gas. hehe

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